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Inhale on time, prevent asthma attacks.

Taking the right asthma medication on time can help you control your asthma and prevent attacks. The MyTherapy app reminds you to take your asthma medication such as Pulmicort, Fostair or Spiriva on time so you can live your life.

Your asthma inhaler’s missing manual.

70 % of asthma patients don’t use their inhaler correctly, resulting in more than half of asthma medications sold never reaching patients lungs. Therefore MyTherapy features instructional videos: Whenever your inhalation reminder goes off, you can refresh your knowledge on your particular inhalation device – just in time for the next puff.

Log your peak expiratory flow.

When having asthma it’s important to regularly check your pulmonary function to make sure your medications are effective. Track your peak expiratory flow rate and your asthma symptoms in MyTherapy’s health journal and identify triggers and trends early.

A perfect briefing for your doctor.

MyTherapy reminds you of your upcoming appointment at your GP, Pulmonologist or Allergist. Print your pdf health report and show your doctor how your peak flow rates and symptoms have developed since the last visit and how you’ve taken your medication. It will be the most substantiated discussion of your asthma medication’s effectiveness that you’ve ever had.

User Voices

What patients say about MyTherapy

“Easy to use, great interface and simplistic for everything you need. Huge hats off to the developers for this amazing, free app.”

– R. Lingurosky via Google Play

“I take lots medication & measurements with asthma twice daily. It reminds me when medication is due... It's genuinely extremely helpful.”

– L. Mattimoe via Google Play

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3 things that are just as important to us as they are to you:

Data Privacy

Your health is a private matter. Based on this principle, we will never hand over your personal data to third parties. You can use MyTherapy without registering your personal information. We conform to the strictest data privacy standards available.


We believe that MyTherapy can improve healthcare overall. We work together with reputable research partners such as Charité Berlin, who support us with scientific analyses of aggregated user data. Your data privacy is not compromised in this process and data cannot be traced back to any specific user.

Free availability

MyTherapy always has been and always will remain free to use. In order to make this possible, we cooperate with partners such as pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutes to whom medication adherence information is vital. Your personal data will never be handed over to our partners or other third parties we cooperate with.