High blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for heart attack and stroke

MyTherapy: The app for managing high blood pressure

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Persistently high blood pressure, also called Hypertension damages your blood vessels. To lower your blood pressure, it’s important to take your medications – especially ACE Inhibitors and beta blockers. MyTherapy acts as a medication reminder, and additionally reminds you to do your daily light physical activity, another way to lower blood pressure.

Track measurements and lab results

With Hypertension, treatment typically does not stop with medications: Most patients also need to keep track of measurements like weight and blood pressure. With MyTherapy, you do not need an extra app for weight tracking or a blood pressure journal app. Instead, MyTherapy puts all your measurements and lab values in one place.

Insights for your doctor

Your doctor's advice can only be as good as their understanding of your health. MyTherapy makes it easy to share your blood pressure recordings with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist e.g. for them to review your treatment plan for potential drug interactions.

Manage prescriptions and refills

Running out of stock is a widespread reason for missed doses. With MyTherapy, once your inventory falls below a defined threshold the app reminds you to get your follow-up prescription and your refill. So, no matter if it’s ACE Inhibitors, beta blockers or any other important medication: MyTherapy makes running out of inventory a thing of the past.

User Voices

What patients and providers say about MyTherapy

“Simple, free and works well”

– J. Tope via Google Play

“Excellent app. It's really helped. I have to take sometimes up to 7 tablets at a time and this makes it really easy to manage”

– R. Allen via Google Play

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3 things that are just as important to us as they are to you:

Data Privacy

Your health is a private matter. Based on this principle, we will never hand over your personal data to third parties. You can use MyTherapy without registering your personal information. We conform to the strictest data privacy standards available.


We believe that MyTherapy can improve healthcare overall. We work together with reputable research partners such as Charité Berlin, who support us with scientific analyses of aggregated user data. Your data privacy is not compromised in this process and data cannot be traced back to any specific user.

Free availability

MyTherapy always has been and always will remain free to use. In order to make this possible, we cooperate with partners such as pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutes to whom medication adherence information is vital. Your personal data will never be handed over to our partners or other third parties we cooperate with.