Parkinson’s medication can help control symptoms when taken as prescribed

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Take your Parkinson’s medications on time.

To ensure your Parkinson’s medication like Sinemet or Levodopa (also L-Dopa) are effective, it’s important to take them regularly and on time. MyTherapy’s medication reminder supports you by providing a highly customizable scheduler for your reminders – it even allows you to select different times on weekends. Now you will always take your Parkinson’s medication on time without the worry of it ever slipping your mind.

Keep a Parkinson’s journal.

Did you take your Parkinson’s medication today? How did your Parkinson’s symptoms evolve over the last weeks? How were you feeling lately? MyTherapy is your personal Parkinson’s journal. The app visualizes your measurements, medications and symptoms in a PDF health report that you can easily share with your doctor.

Be prepared for your doctor’s appointment.

MyTherapy not only reminds you to take your Parkinson’s medication but also when your next appointment at your GP or neurologist is due. Bring your PDF health report so your doctor can have a quick overview of your well-being and symptoms and can check the right dosage of your Sinemet medication.

Keep an eye on your prescriptions and refills.

Manage your medications with MyTherapy: No matter if you’re taking Sinemet, Carbidopa-Levodopa, Madopar or Ropinirole: MyTherapy knows when you’re running low on your Parkinson’s medications and will remind you when it’s time to get your follow-up prescription or refill.

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“Great app for all people which need to take medication regularly.”

– Anonymous via App Store

“Works perfectly and helps me reminding me when I have to take my pills. Great.”

– Anonymous via App Store

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