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Reliable medication reminder

Multiple sclerosis is not curable yet, but modern medications such as Tecfidera, Gilenya, Rebif, and Mavenclad help limit the number of MS relapses and alleviate symptoms. In order to do so, these drugs must be taken as prescribed. MyTherapy helps with punctual and reliable reminders.

Your personal MS diary

MyTherapy makes it easy to document symptoms and record your daily well-being. In the symptom diary, you can easily document paralysis, coordination disorders, fatigue, muscle weakness, visual or speech problems, and an array of other issues. Such information can prove invaluable to helping your doctor achieve a greater understanding of your progress, and the effectiveness of your therapy.

Sharpen your cognitive abilities

Cognitive disorders are a common symptom of MS. Attention, concentration, memory, and perception can be specifically trained to help limit the frequency and severity of such disorders. MyTherapy reminders can help encourage you to train your cognitive abilities, as well as physical and relaxation exercises.

Keep your doctor informed

MyTherapy automatically documents all recorded medication, activities, and symptoms, and summarises them clearly and visibly in a custom health report. Simply print the report and take it on your next visit to your doctor, who can monitor how symptoms have developed and to review therapy measures over time.

User Voices

What patients say about MyTherapy

“This is so user friendly!! Easy to enter medication and specifications for each one! Very good time tracking & follow up”

– Sam R, via Google Play

“It's an awesome app if you need a reminder for your medication and it's very easy to use.”

– Johanna E, via Google Play

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3 things that are just as important to us as they are to you:

Data Privacy

Your health is a private matter. Based on this principle, we will never hand over your personal data to third parties. You can use MyTherapy without registering your personal information. We conform to the strictest data privacy standards available.


We believe that MyTherapy can improve healthcare overall. We work together with reputable research partners such as Charité Berlin, who support us with scientific analyses of aggregated user data. Your data privacy is not compromised in this process and data cannot be traced back to any specific user.

Free availability

MyTherapy always has been and always will remain free to use. In order to make this possible, we cooperate with partners such as pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutes to whom medication adherence information is vital. Your personal data will never be handed over to our partners or other third parties we cooperate with.