5 Chronic Illness Vloggers You Should Subscribe to in 2020

These Vloggers Living with Chronic Illnesses Offer Insight, Advice, and Support

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Bradley Leonard

Today’s post is dedicated to top vloggers and YouTube content creators in the chronic illness space. These creators are a key part of an ever-growing online community dedicated to offering support, advice, and empathy for the millions of people around the world living with chronic illnesses. Furthermore, these creators are an essential part of building better understanding and spreading awareness of conditions that much of the public are not well-educated about.

Izzy is a twenty-three-year-old from New York City. On her channel, she discusses living with a few different conditions, including Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, POTS, gastroparesis, muscle tension dysphonia, and TMJD.

She uploads a huge range of content on her channel. Her videos can include anything from serious discussions about EDS to lifestyle guides, and even hair dryer reviews. Perhaps what makes her channel so engaging is that she creates videos that provide every bit as much entertainment and relatability as they do education. This certainly does not take away from her ability to achieve the goal stated on her about page to “discuss self-advocacy in a healthcare setting, educate about my conditions, and provide tips.” Her channel achieves and exceeds the goals she has set for it. For that reason, she is one of our top 5 chronic illness vloggers in 2020.

Jenni is a twenty-two-year-old from Essex in the UK. On her channel, she details her life with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and POTS as well as the symptoms that come along with these conditions.

She uploads weekly vlogs that give viewers a glimpse into her daily life. Perhaps it is her drama studies or her radio production experience that enables her to weave together vlogs that are both entertaining and educationally valuable. Her channel is a great resource to anyone living with EDS, wanting to learn more about it, or simply looking for a great new vlogger to spend some time with while we are all at home during the pandemic. Jenni also has a blog that’s worth checking out, especially if you enjoy her videos!

Beverly is a vlogger and blogger in her 40s from the UK. She has been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylosis, chronic depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and generalized anxiety disorder.

On her channel and blogs, Beverly details her journey, as well as providing informative and helpful content about the conditions she lives with. However, her channel also has a huge range of content from the other areas she finds interesting. If you are into books, movies, vintage fashion, or sewing, her channel has something for you.

Amy is a blogger and social media personality who has been actively uploading her chronic illness since 2016.

On her channel, she shares a blend of content related to her conditions and entertaining vlogs. She works to ensure that she and others like her are not defined by their illnesses. She also works to share information relevant to both those affected by chronic illnesses and those who would like to learn more.

Samantha is a blogger who has been creating advocacy videos for those living with chronic illnesses since 2009. Her channel was previously known as Live Hope Lupus.

She initially created the channel to build a community for those living with chronic illnesses and to share positivity. Her videos cover topics in her own life as well as lifestyle tips with special relevance to chronic illness such as dieting tips and cooking videos.

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