Multiple Sclerosis: 15 Excellent MS Blogs

Living a Fulfilled and Self-Determined Life with MS Is Possible, As These 15 Oustanding Bloggers Demonstrate

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Dan Brown

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable disease, presenting itself in a new and unique form upon each diagnosis. As such, each and every blog will be shaped by the individuality of its author, or authors, and their personal experiences with MS. Such blogs can be a source of inspiration and information that people living with MS can relate to, as well as helping create a community in which people can support one another. We’ve carefully selected 15 of the very best, all of which can be of huge value to those living with MS, as well as offering everyone an insight into the realities of daily life with the condition.

BartsMS Blog

Barts and The London is one of the UK’s most revered medical schools, and their Neuroimmunology Group runs an MS blog that gives a fascinating insight into the research and development taking place. Numerous doctors and professors contribute to the blog, which gives readers the opportunity to learn about what happens behind the scenes and interact with those involved.


Boobs, boots, and hair – BBH – are three things Meg Lewellyn says she will “always rock,” regardless of what MS throws her way. Meg, a mother of three, regularly updates her readership on her exploits with openness, honesty, and a generous serving of good humour. Meg was diagnosed with MS a decade ago, and in the last year has become a stout advocate of medical marijuana – a topic she writes about frequently.

Dan and Jennifer Digmann

As the name suggests, Dan and Jennifer’s blog is a team effort. The couple, both of whom live with MS, recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. Both are committed to spreading knowledge and awareness about MS, and co-authored a book about their lives. The blog keeps their readers up-to-date with their life and latest involvements in MS campaigns.

Dave’s ActiveMSers Blog

If ever a blog demonstrated one’s ability to remain active and adventurous while living with MS, it is the one of Dave Bexfield. He records his determination to continue with long-held passions, such as cycling and travelling, with wit and humour. Aside from the blog, Dave’s website has a wealth of information for fellow ActiveMSers.

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

Written with the aid of the adorable Dizzy the Donkey, Heather’s blog is unique, insightful, and entertaining. While her style of writing is on the whimsical side, her posts do an excellent job of expressing the realities of life with MS, and the physical and emotional challenges it entails.

Enjoying the Ride

In 2001, Mitch Sturgeon was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS, which can be a particularly disabling form of MS. His long-running blog has documented his life since, including the latest tech he’s utilizing to make life with MS more comfortable. The culmination of a 3-year project is his book, Enjoying the Ride: Two Generations of Tragedy and Triumph. The book is a memoir of his life, and the title refers to parallels between Mitch and his mother – who lost the use of her limbs following an accident when Mitch was young. He hopes to publish the book soon, excerpts from which he shares on the blog.

Everyone Here is Jim Dandy

Richard Boughton has been blogging for most of the 10 years since his MS diagnosis in 2007, contributing to sites such as Health Central and LiveJournal. His own blog, which he started the following year, has a huge catalogue of content, covering every aspect of life with MS. Upon retirement, Richard moved from the US to Indonesia, where he has lived and blogged from ever since.

Girl with MS

Caroline Craven has lived with MS since 2001, and her blog is one aspect in which she supports the MS community, alongside her work as a motivational speaker. This positivity shines through in her writing, in which she calls on her own experiences and latest news to provide all sorts of tips to her readers, from finding cheaper medication to dietary info.

MS Connection

The MS Connection website has a wealth of resources for those living with MS, with community groups for specific groups of people, such as those newly diagnosed with MS, or those in particular age groups. The blog is equally as excellent, with a huge number of contributors writing about their own life and experiences with MS.

Ms Trust: Views and Comment

Like MS Connection, the MS Trust website is far more than simply a blog, and is a go-to website for latest information and research into MS. The Views and Comments section is a blog-cum-news page, combining personal stories with MS news, and regular collections of the latest articles in the media related to MS. is another community-driven site, with a diverse range of authors sharing their experiences with MS. Other areas of the website guide users through the basics about MS, the diagnosis process, and common symptoms. Their Q&A tool and community forum allows members to ask questions and call on the support of fellow users, while the friend finder tool allows community members to connect with each other for additional support. Their community strives to provide a space for people with MS and their caregivers at every step – from those who are newly diagnosed to those who have been living with MS for decades.

Stuff Could Always be Worse

Kim Standard’s blog is essentially a public diary, with plenty of insight into her family life and daily experiences with MS. Having lived with the condition for almost 40 years, and raised two children in that time, Kim has a wealth of wisdom for anybody living with or without a chronic illness. Her blog is personable, engaging, and packed full of great pictures.

You Don’t Know Jack About MS

Jack Osbourne is a household name on both sides of the Atlantic. The son of Black Sabbath front man, Ozzy Osbourne, was diagnosed with Relapse-Remitting MS in 2012, having lost sight in one eye. The misinformation and misguided opinions of many people, including a former employer who dismissed him because of his MS, led him to start You Don’t Know Jack About MS. It started as an online documentary series, which is still running, and now includes a blog where Jack keeps readers up-to-date on his life with MS.

Yvonne deSousa

Yvonne deSousa penned MS Madness, published in 2014, giving readers an entertaining insight into her life with MS. Her blog is in much the same vein as the book, and her fine writing style allows her to find a perfect balance of jocularity and seriousness, making for a read that is both amusing and profound. She emphasizes that her style is not intended to undermine or belittle the seriousness of MS, but to raise a smile in those who can relate to her experiences.

Wheelchair Kamikaze

The eclectic nature of Marc Stecker’s blog makes it a particularly fascinating read, with posts covering both aspects of his life with MS, and other musings that he feels fit to scribe. For anyone looking for meaningful, thought-provoking posts about both MS and the wider world, there are few better places on the web to direct your browser. His proficiency with a camera, which he has attached to his wheelchair, is evident in a beautiful 11-minute montage you can find embedded on the blog’s homepage.

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