The 5 best Instagram accounts for anyone living with psoriasis

We are presenting five Instagrammers who support the psoriasis community by sharing glimpses of their daily lives with the autoimmune disease.

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How to navigate life with psoriasis

Which treatment is best for me? How am I supposed to cope with the symptoms of psoriasis? Will I ever accept what my skin looks like? Do others feel the same way?

At least one of those questions will probably have crossed the mind of anyone living with psoriasis. The fact that many people living with the chronic autoimmune condition share similar issues and fears is glaringly obvious. The following 5 Instagram accounts run by women living with psoriasis in Germany, the UK and the United States are a good reminder of this fact. All five women offer honest insights into their lives, they share struggles and moments of success, and they provide tips and treatment reviews. We believe that providing this level of support to others living with a chronic condition is no mean feat. These 5 Instagrammers provide valuable support to their community – they also play an important role in tackling the stigma of visible skin conditions such as psoriasis. If you are struggling with symptoms of psoriasis, with getting a diagnosis, finding the right treatment or with showing your skin to others – start following one of these Instagram accounts now and see that you are not alone.

These are the 5 best Instagram accounts to follow if you live with psoriasis:

Sine lives with psoriasis
Sine shows her skin


Sine got sick of hiding. So she started sharing pictures of what she calls “the flowers on her skin” on Instagram instead. Showing the world what life with psoriasis can look like. Sine doesn't only share with the world whenever she feels good about herself. The German Instagrammer also talks about flares, shows her “imperfect skin” and shares the pain and the mental load that come with psoriasis. Over time Sine realized that her honesty is helping thousands of followers live a better life with the condition. She loves being in touch with the community and posts in English and German so she can reach a wider audience.

Isabell lives with psoriatic arthritis
Isabell lives with psoriatic arthritis


Isabell is German too and has been living with psoriasis since 2008. Although she has several family members living with the same condition, she only received her diagnosis in 2016. When Isabell developed severe joint pain that stopped her from walking, she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. The condition affects the joints and other body parts in addition to the skin. Because finding a way to cope with her disease took Isabell very long, she wanted to help others get there more quickly. Isabell posts about mental health, pregnancy and family life – and she shows her followers that it is possible to live a happy life with psoriasis.

Anna is all about self-acceptance and openness
Anna is all about self-acceptance and openness


The third German-language Instagram account we want to highlight is Anna’s. She mainly posts pictures of herself – and shows that beauty and psoriasis are not mutually exclusive at all. Anna has been living with the condition since she was a teenager. But she is not letting it stop her from living her best life. She does lots of sports, travels the world and shares skin care and nutritional tips with her followers. Anna wants to empower others living with psoriasis and help to foster self-acceptance.

Claire Elizabeth lives with psoriasis
Nothing's wrong with Claire


“What’s wrong with you?”. Being asked this question made Claire Elizabeth want to share more about her psoriasis with the world. She creates awareness for the chronic skin condition in the hope that fewer people living with psoriasis will be asked "what’s wrong with you" in the future. Claire Elizabeth lives in England and has been sharing glimpses of her psoriasis guttata ever since 2021. Claire’s motto is: “There is no cure, the cure is self-acceptance.”

Joni approaches her psoriasis with humor
Joni approaches her condition with humor


Joni is from the U.S. and has been living with psoriasis since she was a teenager. She was recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis as well. Her goal is to create awareness for the disease and to help others with the same condition navigate life. Joni approaches the struggles of living with psoriasis with lots of humor and manages to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions in a fun way. On her Instagram, she offers a wide variety of posts including tips, fun videos, awareness content, photos and insights into her own treatment journey. Joni also has a blog where she shares longer and helpful posts including tips, guest posts, interviews (for example with Cyndi Lauper!) and more. It’s definitely worth checking out!

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