Dealing with Depression: The Best Blogs of 2017

The Top 15 Blogs for Understanding, Coping With, and Helping Beat Depression

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Dan Brown

Both writing and reading blogs can be a source of motivation and inspiration for people living with depression. With physical borders removed, the online community from around the globe support one another in the fight against mental illness. Blogs also offer an opportunity for people who don’t suffer from depression to get a deep insight into the condition, and achieve a greater level of understanding. Writing provides relief to many people, and doing so online allows thousands of readers to find inspiration in their words. While there are many excellent blogs to be read, we’ve picked 15 that we believe are truly outstanding in expressing what life with depression is like, and how it can be tackled. Alongside those, we have chosen blogs from experts in the mental healthcare field, whose blogs provide valuable advice for those who need it.

A Splintered Mind

Douglas Cootey hasn’t had much time to blog recently, which he puts down to a chaotic personal life. Nonetheless, what he has already written this year makes A Splintered Mind worthy of a place on this list, documenting his life with Tourette’s, ADHD, and depression with exceptional eloquence, and more than a drop of good humour. His writing is insightful, touching, and entertaining. Should he find the time and inclination to reignite his blog, we highly recommend following his work.

Blue Light Blue

Amy Marlow lost her father to suicide when she was just 13, and has battled with depression since. She has written about her struggle to come to terms with it throughout her 20s, and in 2015 Amy began Blue Light Blue. The blog documents her acceptance of mental illness, and the need to speak up about it. Her posts, often poetic in style, are profound, personal, and emotional. Her writing will resonate with anyone who has struggled with depression, either themselves or with a loved one.


The team at Blurt tackle some of the difficult subjects related to mental illness head-on, with an emphasis on describing what living with depression is really like. It is a particularly good resource for those who have a loved one living with depression, as much of the insight is aimed at generating a greater understanding of the illness among the masses.


While some of these blogs in this list are written from a personal perspective, and others from a professional, Chipur offers a combination of both in the form of its creator, Bill White. Much of Bill’s effort goes into scouring the web for the latest news in the world of mental illness, and assembling his findings into digestible, easy-to-read blog posts. Combined with his own vast experience, Bill’s posts on Chipur are insightful and accessible.

Depression Army

Jonathon Rottenberg, a professor at the University of South Florida and a serial academic author on depression, began Depression Army in 2015 with the aim of tackling the stigmas associated with mental illness. The blog is written by an eclectic range of authors who write about their personal experience with depression, as well as useful resources.

Depression Guide

Depression Guide, run by Teena Jain, has a wealth of information about depression, and has two excellent blogs. The main one covers subjects that people deal with every day, such as work and internet use, and their connection with depression. The second is authored by experts, offering advice for both those with depression, and those who have friends and family members affected by it. Aside from the blogs, the website has a wealth of information and advice, covering topics such as family life, treatment, and specific disorders.

Depression Marathon

Etta’s blog is deeply personal, having lived with depression for 16 years. She writes about the illness generally, as well as her particular fight against it. Her dog, Jet, is a regular feature, as is running. Etta is extraordinarily open in her writing, and her posts poignantly depict the reality of living with depression. Etta’s fight is an ongoing one, particularly while she recovers from back surgery that has temporarily put running on hold.

Dr. Deb

Dr. Deborah Serani specialises in treating trauma and depression, and her blog gives expert advice in handling particular situations, such as what to say to the emergency services when a mental health emergency occurs, and dealing with the psychological aftermath of a terrorist attack. She has published several books, and is a top resource for those looking for practical advice.


HealthyPlace will be a familiar name to anyone who has searched online for information about mental health. Their site covers everything from bi-polar disorder to post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression is covered in-depth. Their blog, Coping with Depression, is delivered by a range of authors, resulting in a diverse range of content. The blogs tend to focus on everyday issues faced by those with depression, and how the authors tackles them.

Lawyers with Depression

The name might suggest Dan Lukasik’s blog is something of a niche, and much of the content is indeed aimed at those in the law profession, where depression is rife. However, the blog also dives deep in to Dan’s personal life and struggle with depression, and much of his writing proves valuable to a wider circle than just those in law. Dan’s own posts are intertwined with poignant guest posts and interviews with mental healthcare professionals.

Mental Elf

The Mental Elf is not just brilliantly named, it is one of the very best resources for those looking for expert information about depression and mental illness. While the blog does contain personal entries, it particularly excels in spreading, factual, evidence-based information. Don’t be put off by the membership splash on the front page, the blogs are free of charge.


Mind’s website has a wealth of resources for those dealing with depression, and it’s ‘Your Stories’ blog is a particular highlight. The diversity of the entries makes it stand out, with recent stories including the use of virtual reality treatment, running 44 marathons in as many days, and street dancing. Posts are personal, insightful, and fascinating, while frequent and well-written.

The NAMI Blog

The National Allience on Mental Illness blog doesn't focus solely on depression, but on mental health in general. Like several blogs on this list it is authored by multiple contributors, all of whom have their own personal relation to depression. The blog is also a source of advice for those whose loved ones are suffering from depression, and how they can help.

The Guardian

The area of The Guardian's website devoted to depression isn't just a blog, but a collection of news, opinion pieces, and features. Its vast catalog of content covers everything from the latest happenings in the scientific world, to high-profile celebrities and their struggles with depression. These are intertwined with personal stories of depression, making the site one of the most comprehensive on the web.

Wing of Madness

Almost as old as the web itself, Wing of Madness has built up an abundance of information and resources since Deborah Gray started it in 1995. A vast range of topics are covered, from different treatment possibilities, to depression in children. Other articles strive to describe the feeling of depression, helping readers gain a greater understanding of the illness.

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