The 10 Best Type 2 Diabetes Blogs to Read in 2018

If You’re Living with Type 2 Diabetes, these are Some of the Very Best Blogs for Support, Advice, and Information

March 15, 2018
top blogs for type 2 diabetes

A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes can come as a shock and will likely entail many questions. While your doctor will be on hand to answer many of these, support, advice, and insight is readily available online, largely from those living type 2 diabetes themselves. Such blogs are also part of a wonderful online community, where you can interact with people around the world and share wisdom with one-another. While there is an abundance of such resources available, we have narrowed it down to 10 of the very best – all of which are active, engaging, and brimming with information and advice. is a wonderful resource for anyone living with diabetes, be it type 1 or 2, with a community of over one quarter of a million people. The blog is a particularly fascinating and eclectic part of the site, featuring fascinating stories that you may not find elsewhere. It is also chock-full of practical advice for people living with diabetes, making it one of the most comprehensive blogs on the web.

Diabetes Ramblings

Sue Rericha was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a decade ago, and has faithfully written her blog for almost as long. The mother of five had gestational diabetes throughout each of her pregnancies, and her blog gives readers an insight into many facets of her life. Sue is a prominent figure in online diabetes advocacy, and her blog provides a wonderful insight into her daily life – from the fun to the frustrating and everything in between.

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Diabetes Self-Management

For those looking for expert view on diabetes, and the latest news in the research world, the Diabetes Self-Management blog is one to bookmark. Penned by a range of authors – including nutritionists, nurses, people living with diabetes, and other experts – the blog is frequently updated with news, information, and advice. With its origins in print media in 1983, Diabetes Self-Management is a reliable and authoritative source of information that has a huge range of articles.

Diabetes Sisters

One of our favorites from 2017, and one that shows no signs of slowing down, is Diabetes Sisters. Founded by Brandy Barnes in 2008, the site has grown into a hugely valuable resource for women living with diabetes. If there is a diabetes-related subject you would like to read about, there’s a very strong change it has been covered on Diabetes Sisters and can be discovered in the blog’s vast catalog.

Diabetes Stops Here

The blog of the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Stops Here is another that features a diverse range of authors. Much of the content focused on the real lives of individuals living with diabetes, while also calling on seasoned experts giving advice and information.

Diabetic Foodie

Another of our favorites from 2017, and still showering the Internet with delicious and healthy recipes, is Diabetic Foodie by Shelby Kinnard. Shelby was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the late ’90s, and has since learned how to manage the condition without sacrificing wonderful food. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or even just a tasty snack, you will almost certainly find inspiration in the 500+ recipes on Shelby’s blog.

More information on diabetes in the USA:

My Diabetic Heart

Mike Durbin was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2008, and it was not until two years ago he discovered he was in fact living with latent auto-immune diabetes in adults (LADA). LADA, although technically being a form of type 1, is often similar to type 2 in characteristics, hence the misdiagnosis. Mike has written throughout this time, resulting in a deeply personal and insightful blog – documenting the highs and lows he has experienced over the last decade.

Sweet Success

Another incredibly personal blogger is Kate Cornell. She has lived with type 2 diabetes for over a decade, garnering wisdom that can help anyone living with the condition. Thankfully, that wisdom is shared in her blog, Sweet Success, which journals both Kate’s physical and emotional life with diabetes.

Vidya Sury

Vidya Sury was kind enough to contribute to our blog post offering Christmas tip for loved ones of those living with diabetes, and gives those living with diabetes two blogs for the price of one. Vidya, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2013, writes her more in-depth content at Your Med Guide, while over at Life Hacks for Diabetics she shares bite-sized, visual tips. For anyone looking for interesting, uplifting, and enlightening content, Vidya’s duo are sites to bookmark. &

Wildly Fluctuating

Another contributor to our Christmas blog, Gretchen has lived with type 2 diabetes for over two decades, publishing two books in that time. Her blog, Wildly Fluctuating, combines her science and journalistic expertise with her own personal experiences. The combination is a potent one, resulting in both thoughtful and thought-provoking content.

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