Multiple Sclerosis Blogs: Eight of the Best

Of the Many Wonderful MS Blogs, We’ve Selected Stand-Out Ones in Eight Key Categories

July 11, 2018
best multiple sclerosis blogs

Blogs are a wonderful thing, and for those living with multiple sclerosis they can be a source of knowledge, advice, wisdom, humor, and community. There are dozens of fantastic MS bloggers on the web; far more than we could possible acknowledge here. We have therefore come up six categories and selected one stand-out blog for each, explaining what it is we love about each one.

Keep reading to find out which MS blog we recommend for:

  • Real Life

  • Support

  • Humor

  • Fitness

  • Motivation

  • Simplicity

  • Research

  • Travel

Best MS Blog for Real Life: Tripping Through Treacle

Jen Clarkson was diagnosed with relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) when she was just 15 years old, having experienced optic neuritis – a temporary vision problem that is the first sign of MS in roughly one in five cases – two years earlier.

Jen’s symptoms went into long period of remission until her early thirties, not long before she was confirmed to have progressed to secondary-progressive MS (SPMS).

For the last couple of years, mother-of-two, Jen, has scribed her blog, Tripping Through Treacle.

The name refers to the sensation she feels when her legs refuse to cooperate, which she first noticed when going for a run having given birth to her youngest child.

Since starting her blog, Jen has provided readers with candid insight into her life with MS. Family life, her use of crutches and a scooter, and her dedication to the Overcoming MS (OMS) lifestyle are just a few of the common topics she discusses.

The daily trials and tribulations Jen faces will be familiar to many people living with MS, and she writes with endearing openness and honesty.

The writing skills Jen possesses help her convey the reality of her life with emotional depth, as well as a liberal dose of wit and light-hearted humor.

These factors make Tripping Through Treacle such a fantastic destination for one wishing to read about real life with MS.

Best MS Blog for Support:

When it comes to seeking support about life with multiple sclerosis, the internet can be a wonderful place but also something of a minefield.

A good place to look is

The ‘stories’ section of the blog is a melting pot of different personalities, each with their own tale to tell. Anybody can create an account and submit their story, resulting in a diverse range of topics.

The format means anybody can also seek advice and support, as many do. From those frustrated with the care they are receiving to others seeking relationship advice, there is no limit to the topics that can be raised.

Usually, the authors are met with sympathetic, compassionate, and understanding comments.

There is also a forum, providing a further platform for people to interact and share advice and support.

In the ‘community’ tab you can also find ‘community experts,’ a blog featuring contributions from over two dozen authors and some of the best-known names in the online MS community.

Combined with other areas of the website that cover issues such as treatment and mental health, is certainly one of the best websites to visit for those seeking advice and support.

Best MS Blog for Humor: Yvonne deSousa

“Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic disease that can be painful, terrifying, frustrating, and debilitating. But every once in a while, it can also be funny.”

Those are the words of Yvonne deSousa. Such is the popularity of her blog and the quality of her writing, Yvonne published MS Madness – A Giggle More, Cry Less Story of Multiple Sclerosis in 2014.

Yvonne was diagnosed soon after turning 40. Having both laughed and cried in the wake of her diagnosis, she decided the former was more fun.

Although keen to point out her style of writing is not intended to belittle the serious nature of MS, Yvonne’s view on life with MS is very much on the whimsical side.

Indeed, the jocular does make way for a more serious tone when appropriate, and Yvonne’s writing ability allows her to make the transition seamlessly.

For the most part, however, Yvonne is able to reflect on her life with MS – and the occasional absurdities it entails – in a light-hearted manner that rarely fails to bring a smile to your face.

While the bulk of the blog is Yvonne’s own writing, the ‘Giggles’ section is a place for others to share their amusing anecdotes.

All-in-all, if you are hunting for a blog that takes a more humorous look at life with MS, Yvonne deSousa’s site is a great place to start.

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Best MS Blog for Fitness: ActiveMSers

Dave Bexfield’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2006 did little to slow him down. In the three or four years that followed he continued traveling to far-flung regions of the Earth and keeping himself fit.

It did little to quell his enthusiasm for snowboarding, biking, hiking, and a whole host of other activities one might expect to be off-limits to those living with MS.

In the years that have followed, Dave’s MS became extremely aggressive, prompting him to try a host of treatment options and participate in trials (one of which resulted in a four-year legal battle with a health insurer – a story featured in the New York Times).

The treatments have had varying levels of success and have not been without their difficulties. Through this period, however, Dave has stubbornly refused to allow his active lifestyle to become a thing of the past.

He found ways to adapt his workouts and fitness routines.

Using his own personal experiences, combined with input from physical therapists and other experts, Dave has build a website that contains a wealth of information and practical advice.

In particular, he provides practical exercise advice, designed to cater for people of different physical capabilities. This ranges from the best light workout routines, such as stretching, to more strenuous exercises.

In recent months Dave has become more active on YouTube, adding a new dimension to the content he produces.

There is no shortage of information online helping people with MS stay fit and mobile, and ActiveMSers is certainly a wonderful source of such knowledge.

Best MS Blog for Motivation: Girl with MS

Caroline Craven was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001, following a trip to Guatemala, during which her vision and balance abandoned her.

The exotic destination hints at Caroline’s more adventurous side, which she focuses on in her picture-laden blog, MS on the Road.

However, it is her work as a life-coach and public speaker that are clues to why Caroline is able to muster up motivation, which she does so on her other blog, Girl with MS.

In the blog’s first entry, Caroline suggests it will “most likely be a random stream of consciousness.” That may indeed be the case, but in the nine years since that stream of consciousness has contained a great deal of insight into life with MS.

What is striking throughout is the positive attitude with which Caroline lives her life.

Her infectious enthusiasm is supported by genuinely useful advice – be it about diet, stress management, or even seeking out a good deal on medication.

Her positive outlook is perhaps best exhibited by her favorite hashtag: #takeTHATms.

Best MS Blog for Simplicity: Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me

Willeke Van Eeckhoutte, who also writes under the easier-to-type name Willeke-Maya, moved from her native Belgium to Ireland in 2002.

Three years later, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In 2011, she began her blog, Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me, with which she aimed to ‘convey optimism through writing.’

While Willeke certainly achieves her primary objective, she also has a knack of taking complicated subjects and making them easy-to-understand.

All of her blog posts are considered, superbly written, and, when required, well-researched.

As well as her own writing, Willeke regularly shares informative and interesting content she finds elsewhere – be it in written form, infographics, videos, or any other medium.

Willeke’s insightful writing and thoughtful sharing of information has earned her blog widespread recognition, and made it a fantastic destination for anyone seeking straight-forward answers to the many questions posed by MS.

Best MS Blog for Research: BartsMS Blog

Whether you live with multiple sclerosis or not, BartsMS Blog provides a truly fascinating insight into the world of medical research and development.

It is run by the neuroimmunology department at Barts and the London, one of the most revered medical school in the UK.

The blog was started by the school’s Professor of Neurology, Prof. Gavin Giovannoni, and is now a collaborative effort that includes three MouseDoctors, numerous other professors and doctors, and a diverse array of guest authors.

The authors are not afraid of giving their honest opinions about research, trials, treatment options, legal issues, money matters, or just about any aspect of MS treatment.

The blog provides perspectives not readily available elsewhere on the Internet, and the range of topics discussed is fantastically diverse.

For example, a topic Prof. Giovannoni has written about recently is MS prevention, and whether there is enough evidence to suggest MS is in fact a preventable disease.

Such topics do not always garner widespread attention but are both interesting and important. Having people directly involved in such research sharing their thoughts makes BartMS Blog the standout contender in the Best MS blog for Research category.

In additional to providing unique content, the authors usually respond to comments left by readers. Often – particularly when commentators have a differing opinion to the authors – the debates ignited in the comments are as compelling as the posts themselves.

Best MS Blog for Travel: Everyone Here is Jim Dandy

The words ‘travel blog’ usually conjure up thoughts of budget-conscious, adrenaline-seeking backpackers traversing the likes of South America and South-East Asia, and everywhere in between.

Everyone Here is Jim Dandy, therefore, is not your typical travel blog. Indeed, its author, Richard Boughton, would probably raise an eyebrow or two at such a title.

Three years after receiving his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2007, Richard packed his boxed and moved from the US to Bali, Indonesia.

You can read the story in more detail by taking a look at two blog posts Richard wrote for us last year:

Richard began keeping his blog a couple of years before he set off, so if you dig through the archives you can relive what it was like moving to the other side of the world.

It is these entries in particular that make Richard’s blog unique as far as traveling with MS is concerned.

Since then, Richard has blogged prolifically about any and every aspect of life abroad.

It is a truly fascinating blog, and undoubtedly contains pearls of wisdom for anyone planning to travel with MS, be it temporarily or permanently.

These are just a handful of the wonderful blog out there written by people living with MS. It is an active, thriving, and welcoming online community – and one from which anyone living with MS can benefit.

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