10 of the Best HIV and AIDS Blogs in 2019

With Knowledge, Honesty and a Touch of Humor, These Bloggers Write About Their Experience with HIV and AIDS

Nicole Wong
Nicole Wong
November 26, 2019
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With World AIDS Day on 1st December just around the corner, we would like to commend these ten individuals and organizations for their blogs written for the HIV and AIDS community. As both HIV and AIDS are highly stigmatized conditions, these writers have strived tirelessly to educate people and normalize conversations surrounding HIV and AIDS, while also building a safe community for people living with these health conditions. These 10 blogs encompass knowledge, truth, and humor, leaving readers feeling supported and enlightened about the issues they face.

A Girl Like Me

"A Girl Like Me", published by The Well Project, features more than 100 diverse women bloggers living with HIV from 14 countries around the world. Launched in 2009, "A Girl Like Me" provides a safe space for women living with HIV to share their individual experiences, connect with others, and build a strong support network. In the 10 years since, "A Girl Like Me" and The Well Project have played a vital role in women’s lives by assisting in decreasing self-stigma and isolation, as well as improving health outcomes and well-being. Each blog is genuine and exudes the writer’s unique personality, making them a joy to read. The Well Project launched the Spanish version, Una Chica Como Yo in 2015.


Canada is known to be one of the most (if not the most) inclusive and progressive countries in the world. It’s not surprising that one of the best blogs on HIV belongs to a Canadian organization that supports and educates service providers on HIV and Hepatitis C. For 5 years, the “CATIE Blog” has been shedding light on HIV and Hepatitis C, with exhaustive articles that examine the intricacies of both diseases. There are also a good number of contemporary articles published on “CATIE” which stray into less common territories, such as examining the occurrence of HIV and Hepatitis C in prisons and how to minimize it.

Exposed – STD Check

In many cultures, the topic of sex has pretty much been normalized. However, one subset of said topic is still particularly delicate to many, and that is sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). “STDcheck.com’s” blog is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creating conversations and normalizing STDs and personal sexual health. Their blog is meticulously curated, with articles sorted into different categories, such as by gender or type of STD. “HIV Stories” is one such category with contributions by countless writers. The blog gives these writers the gift of anonymity to share their personal stories, hence giving readers who feel the same way solace.

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Frontline AIDS

Want to know more about the HIV and AIDS situation around the world but don’t have the time for a 5-page article? “Frontline AIDS” has considerately written bite-sized pieces on the different issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. The blog posts are labeled with the estimated time needed to digest them and most of them are under 5 minutes, making it the perfect read for a short commute. “Frontline AIDS” has also gone the extra mile to campaign for gender equality (ensuring that women also receive proper treatment for HIV) and harm reduction (ensuring that drug-users are able to protect themselves from HIV). As “Frontline AIDS” consistently updates their blog, you can always stay up to date regarding HIV and AIDS.


As its name suggests, this blog is a hive of information written, read and supported by an open and unbiased community. Topics that are not commonly explored and may be considered controversial, such as “staying safe as a sex worker” and “being safe with multiple sex partners”, are written with much honesty and depth on this platform. Even though “HIVE” bloggers may write about their mental turmoil and the anguish they’ve faced in coming to terms with HIV and AIDS, their articles still exude optimism, leaving readers feeling uplifted.

My Fabulous Disease

For more than two decades, Mark S. King has made many contributions as an HIV and AIDS advocate. From being an award-winning author to giving talks and even pioneering a program that provided support for those with HIV during a time where it was a controversial topic, King has fervently advocated for people living with HIV and AIDS. Having been recognized as a community leader, King puts his influence to good use by educating his readers about pressing issues concerning HIV and AIDS. His articles often reveal his humor and make for entertaining reading.

Positive Peers

“Positive Peers” is not your ordinary blog, it is also a virtual haven created specifically for teenagers and young adults who have HIV. The transition from a teen to an adult can be a tumultuous period for some, leaving them grappling with several personal issues at one time. “Positive Peers” features articles that young people might find useful, for example, “dealing with hate while living with HIV” and coping with workplace discrimination. “Positive Peers” has also gone one step further and created a social media app that allows people in this community to reach out to one another and helps them manage their treatment for HIV.

Positively Aware

Some of you might be familiar with this blog’s name, as “Positively Aware” is a US magazine that advocates for people living with HIV and AIDS. Their website contains articles from the magazine and even archives of past issues, allowing those who are unable to get their hands on a physical copy to still have access to a wealth of information. Articles published on this blog are written by recognized professionals in the HIV and AIDS community. Each feature is meticulously written and helpfully lists step by step what you should do if you are facing a certain problem.


“POZ” magazine and POZ.com have been trusted sources in the HIV and AIDS community for a long time and have established a reputation for delivering credible information regarding HIV and AIDs. “POZ” also provides a social network and community forums that bring the HIV community together. They constantly keep their readers up to date on current issues and how to live well with HIV and AIDS. “POZ” even debates controversial topics, such as the effects of impeachment on HIV and AIDS. The articles are witty and thought-provoking, making them digestible and a pleasure to read.

Speaking Up!

Silvia Petretti is a woman with many strengths. Her time and effort dedicated to removing the stigma towards women with HIV have been acknowledged by the United Nations and she was subsequently invited to be a keynote for a UN Meeting on HIV and AIDS. She also works with multiple organizations and passionately advocates for the rights of people living with HIV while also being the proud owner of “Speaking Up!”: a blog that touches on issues that one might not normally associate HIV and AIDS with, such as gender equality and poverty. Petretti enriches her audience by displaying her flair for writing with her compelling articles and astute points backed up with facts.

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