Depression: 10 of the Best Blogs in 2018

These Blogs Can Offer Support to Countless People Living with Depression

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Living with depression can be deeply isolating. Connecting with other people who understand and can relate to you is often a source of comfort, even if they are the other side of the world. The internet has helped make this possible, and these blogs are wonderful examples of people using them as a platform to connect with others. We have chosen ten categories related to different aspects of living with depression and selected an outstanding blog for each. If you are seeking support, advice, wisdom, and insight online, look no further.

Keep reading to find out which blog relating to depression we recommend for:

  • Real Life: Depression Marathon
  • PND: The Muddled Mother
  • Male PND: Isablog
  • Wit: A Splintered Mind
  • Expertise: Dr. Deb
  • Parents: Patrice M Foster
  • Teens: Erika’s Lighthouse
  • Diversity: Talkspace
  • Alternative Treatment: Everything Matters: Beyond Meds
  • Advice: Alexandra Massey

Best Depression Blog for Life: Depression Marathon

“Etta is extraordinarily open in her writing, and her posts poignantly depict the reality of living with depression.”

That is how we described Etta’s writing last year, and the words still ring true today. At the time, Etta was recovering from back surgery. Her rehabilitation has been interrupted with injuries and she underwent knee surgery earlier this year, which has frustrated her efforts to resume running, the passion that inspires the name of the blog.

Of course, the name also refers to her 17-year-long battle with depression.

Etta is prepared to discuss the most difficult topics, whether related to her own life and treatment for depression, work, or family matters. She is clearly a thoughtful and reflective individual, with the talent to elegantly express her emotions in written form.

Combined with musings about life in general, activities such the food at the local state fair, or her imminent trip to Nepal for a trek to Everest Base Camp, Depression Marathon reflects Etta’s character in abundance.

Etta blogs frequently – and has done for over a decade – meaning anyone reading Depression Marathon can build something of a connection with her, simply by reading her words.

It is all of this combined that make Depression Marathon such an insightful blog about daily life with depression.

Best Blog for PND: The Muddled Mother

At least one in five women, childbirth is accompanied by postnatal (or postpartum) depression (PND).

Michelle, aka The Muddled Mother, is one of these individuals. Mother to a daughter, referred to as Miss J, aged six, and a son, Mr T, aged three, Michelle describes the five months after the birth of her son as ‘postnatal depression hell’.

She began blogging around a year later. In her early posts, Michelle spares no detail in describing her journey, from going into labour to the moment she rang her doctor and acknowledged her need for help.

Since then, she has continued to write extensively about her experiences. Whether reflecting on the impact her condition has had on her family, discussing treatment, or giving advice based on her own life, Michelle addresses her chosen topic with wholehearted honesty.

Going back to her very first post, Michelle says that she is not a writer and the blog is a form of therapy to help her live with postnatal depression.

Be that as it may, her blog is now a deep look into many aspects of living with postnatal depression, and her words are no doubt valuable to other mothers going through similar experiences.

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Best Depression Blog for Male PND: Isablog

At the time of writing, one of the most recent posts written by Ross Hunt poses the question: can men get postnatal depression too?

Or, rather, whether the term postnatal depression can be applied to men.

It is a fascinating read that draws on his own experiences and medical research to conclude that, whatever name you wish to apply to it, the fact is that many men experience depression after the birth of a child.

Ross is one of those men, having suffered from depression following the birth of his daughter, Isabelle.

Like the other bloggers listed here, it is quite remarkable how heartfelt his blog is and how personal many of the entries are.

For example, he wrote a letter to Isabelle a month before her first birthday explaining his story and his feelings of hatred, nothingness, and regret following her birth, which he plans to give to her when she is old enough to understand the content, in order to discuss the topic openly.

He also shared a letter he wrote to his wife for their first anniversary, shortly after Isabelle was born, in which he describes himself as a ‘horrible father’ and suggesting his wife, Rachel, deserved a better husband. He published the letter a year later, having made significant progress.

Rachel herself has contributed to the blog, giving her perspective on Ross’ condition as a new mother.

Male postnatal depression is not a topic that receives much attention, so Isablog is one of the best resources for helping gain a better understanding of exactly what life is like with the condition.

Best Depression Blog for Wit: A Splintered Mind

Another blog that we recommended in 2017 and is still going strong is A Splintered Mind, written by Douglas Cootey.

Back then we said he was “documenting his life with Tourette’s, ADHD, and depression with exceptional eloquence, and more than a drop of good humor,” which he continues to do today.

By Doug’s own admission, his blog jumps from subject to subject. But, far from being a flaw, it makes for a diverse range of topics ranging from the whimsical (such as stringing along catfishers online) to the weighty (such as coping with thoughts of suicide).

He is perfectly comfortable framing his chosen topic around his own life experiences, positive or otherwise.

Regardless of the subject matter, Douglas regularly injects wit and humor, the latter of which is often self-deprecating. He acknowledges that, at times, his ‘graveyard’ or ‘coffin’ humor may not be to everyone’s taste, but that while there may be a “touch of sadness to the humor, yes, there is defiance, as well.”

Beyond humor, Douglas’ writing ability allows him to address topics in an articulate and poignant manner, making it a blog well worth taking a look at.

Best Depression Blog for Expertise Dr. Deb

Dr. Deborah Serani specializes in treating trauma and depression and is a licensed psychologist who has been in practice for over twenty-five years.

She has published a number of highly respected books on matters ranging from the biology of depression to depression in children, and has featured in major publications such as the Chicago Tribune and New York Times. Dr. Serani is also a TEDx speaker.

Taking all of the above into consideration, Dr. Serani is undoubtedly an esteemed individual in the field of depression and someone worth listening to.

Her blog, simply called Dr. Deb, is where she shares a great deal of her wisdom, and has done so for over a decade.

In that time she has covered as many topics as you care to think of. Psychoanalysis, an area of expertise for Dr. Serani, is one of the most popular labels she has used over the years, as well as neuroscience, diagnostics, and trauma.

Beyond that, you will also find content relating to eating disorders, suicide prevention, violence, treatment, and sexuality, to name only a handful. She is also a keen advocate of awareness days, which help bring specific issues such as self-injury to the public’s attention.

Regardless of the topic, Dr. Serani’s writing draws on her wealth of experience to address it in an eloquent and interesting manner.

Dr. Deb is one of the best blogs on the web to get expert insight into depression, with a vast library of posts to explore.

Best Depression Blog for Parents: Patrice M. Foster

Depression often starts from an early age and is believed to affect around one in five adolescent people.

Patrice M. Foster, who found herself living on the streets of New York in her youth, is a registered nurse of 28 years and someone for whom teen depression is a speciality.

She aims to help both teenagers living with depression while also offering guidance to parents.

In her blog, Patrice focusses on themes that are common to many teenagers: relationships, bullying, and school life, to name but a few.

Many of the posts are directed at parents who may be concerned that their son or daughter is having difficulties. Patrice uses her experience to offer advice regarding the typical warning signs of depression, the psyche teenagers may have, and practical steps a parent can take in order to help their young ones.

She also addresses modern phenomena such as smartphones and social media that have a significant impact on the mental health of many youths.

It is no secret that parents can have a hard time connecting with teenagers, and this is particularly true of those struggling with their mental health.

For such parents, Patrice’s website has pearls of wisdom that may just be able to offer some guidance.

Best Depression Blog for Teens Erika’s Lighthouse

Erika’s Lighthouse is a non-for-profit dedicated to raising awareness and education about adolescent depression. It was started by Ginny and Tom Neuckranz, who tragically lost their 14-year-old daughter – after whom the organization is named – to suicide in 2004.

Their aim is to break the stigma surrounding mental illness and give teenagers the tools and encouragement needed to seek help.

They advocate teenage empowerment, allowing young people to start ‘Teen Clubs’ and run campaigns encouraging their peers to be open about mental health.

Their website, therefore, is naturally a place where teenagers can find a wealth of information about adolescent depression.

Perhaps the most powerful content on the blog focusses on personal stories, such as that of Mark Elhert, who survived a suicide attempt at the age of 19.

As well as stories, the blog addresses typical situations young people face, such as starting college, and offer practical advice. There is also a ‘toolbox’ for dealing with teenage depression.

Beyond the blog, Erika’s Lighthouse is an excellent organization for any teenager struggling with mental health issues, with a range of material and programs designed to help those in need.

Best Depression Blog for Diversity: Talkspace

For those not familiar with the Talkspace app, it is a popular online therapy platform that has received widespread publicity.

Their website also features a blog written by both regular contributors and guest authors.

Given the diversity of writers featured, it is no surprise that the topics discussed are equally varied. Of course, therapy is a common theme throughout the posts, but the subjects cover many aspects of daily life and the effects of mental health upon them.

As well as depression, other mental health conditions such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD are discussed.

There is a dedicated section to Mental Health Stories and interviews with Mental Health Warriors, which makes for a fascinating read.

Having posted regularly for four years, the blog has built up a significant amount of content, which you can navigate by category or by author.

All-in-all, the range of authors and topics discussed on the blog makes it one of the most diverse you are likely to come across.

Best Depression Blog for Alternative Treatment: Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

The debate about using medication to treat depression shows no sign of being concluded any time soon, with issues such as antidepressant addiction and withdrawal gaining more attention.

While medication will likely always have a place in the treatment of depression – and proves effective for many – Monica Cassani is a keen advocate of alternative methods.

For her, the cocktail of medications used to treat her mental illness did far more harm than good.

Aside from medication, Monica is critical of many aspects of the American mental healthcare system she believes is deeply flawed.

Her blog has been running for over a decade now, in which time she has written thousands of entries. Reading through them, Monica is not afraid to approach controversial topics and throw the full weight of her opinion at them.

Aside from spark lively debates and discussions, Monica’s blog has amassed a wealth of information for anyone wishing to take an alternative treatment route to medications.

She covers, among many other topics, medication, yoga, music, and nutrition. Having taken the transition from medication to natural treatment herself, Monica is also keen to offer advice to anyone dealing with issues such as withdrawal.

Monica’s blog may be one of the more opinionated on this list, and not everyone will agree with everything she writes, but she does so from a position of experience and offers genuinely useful advice and information for anyone wishing to take an alternative treatment route.

Best Depression Blog for Advice: Alexandra Massey

Depression coach, Alexandra Massey, has published a range of books, covering topics such as depression in children and the link between food and mental health.

She has been featured in the British media, writing for newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph and contributing to BBC Radio.

Her blog is an extension of her work. She shares advice based both on her own life and professional expertise, covering almost any aspect of depression you care to think of.

As well as the blog, the website has a wealth of resources dedicated to overcoming depression and anxiety, as well as a podcast hosted by Alexandra.

Take a look at some of the other posts on the MyTherapy blog:

mytherapy wellbeing journal for living with depression

The app for depression treatment

As well as being a medication reminder for antidepressants and other medications, MyTherapy’s well-being journal and symptom log helps you track the progress of your treatment.