8 Great Blogs for Living with Psoriasis

If You Are Living with Psoriasis, These Blogs Can Offer Support, Advice, and Much More

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Loneliness and isolation are two emotions with which many people living with psoriasis are all too familiar. The Internet, and blogs in particular, has helped bring people together and is a fantastic resource for the sharing of wisdom, information, and support. The online community for people living with psoriasis is thriving. Here, we have selected our favorite blogs for eight categories, ranging from mental health to the world of advocacy.

Keep reading to find out which Psoriasis blog we recommend for:

  • Lifestyle

  • Advocacy

  • Support

  • Mental Health

  • Research

  • Online Resources

  • Psoriatic Arthritis

  • Advice

Best Psoriasis Blog for Lifestyle: Homegrown Houston

Sabrina Skiles’ site is everything you would expect from a good lifestyle blog.

From fashion to food, travel to parenthood: Sabrina has it covered in Homegrown Houston.

She has also lived with psoriasis since she was 15 years old. Naturally, this shapes a lot of her content and a good number of her posts relate directly to the condition. Sabrina includes a specific filter for psoriasis-related content at the top of the page.

In it you will find wellness advice (Sabrina keeps a #WellnessWednesday section), information about skin-friendly products and healthy food, and top tips for travel.

As a mother to two young boys, Sabrina’s posts also cover pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood.

Add clothing hints and advice on speaking to loved ones about psoriasis, you begin to get an idea of the diversity of topics Sabrina covers in her blog.

Like other bloggers on this list, Sabrina is a patient advocate and works with the National Psoriasis Foundation. She has also called on her network to add an extra dimension to her blog.

Overall, Homegrown Houston is a very good lifestyle blog and a particularly excellent one for people living with psoriasis.

Best Psoriasis Blog for Advocacy: Overcoming Psoriasis

Todd Bello is a familiar name and face in the world of patient advocacy.

He was diagnosed with psoriasis in his late 20s, which eventually covered his entire body. He later developed psoriatic arthritis.

The former volunteer firefighter and salesman is now an active volunteer for the NPF, helping raise money and increasing awareness of psoriasis among policy-makers.

He regularly pops up online, such as in a recent video about clinical trials he made alongside well-known HIV advocate, Josh Robbins.

He has kept his own blog, Overcoming Psoriasis, for five years. It is where he shares his experiences at places such as Capitol Hill, as well as general posts about his life.

It is a fascinating look into the life of someone who spends much of his time fighting to help others living with psoriasis.

For anyone interested in what happens behind the scenes of organizations such as the NPF, Todd’s blog – and his social media accounts – give candid insights.

It is also heartening to witness the passion with which Todd and other patient advocates strive to improve the lives of people with psoriasis and the dedication they have to the cause.

Best Psoriasis Blog for Support: Being Me in My Own Skin

Another familiar face of patient advocacy is Alisha Bridges who, like Todd, does wonderful work with the NPF.

She was diagnosed at 7 years old. Like others diagnosed at such a young age, she hid herself away for fear of ridicule, particularly when it covered 90% of her body.

After 20 years of attempting to conceal her skin, Alisha thankfully found herself able to open up about her condition following an NPF conference in 2011.

Since then, she has gone from strength-to-strength to become a popular and respected member of the psoriasis community.

The hub of her online presence is her blog, Being Me in My Own Skin.

One of her most popular posts is called My Suicide Letter, which talks about killing the part of herself that felt ashamed and embarrassed about having psoriasis.

That post, and the support she received following its publication in 2012, helped encourage her to commit to helping others who could relate to her.

Her blog has since become a wonderful source of support and encouragement.

Alisha does not shy away from the realities of life with psoriasis. Whether talking about the difficulties of dating or discussing mental health, Alisha writes with admirable honestly.

Thanks to her positive attitude, Alisha tackles these topics and everything in a particularly uplifting way, making it a wonderful destination for anyone in similar situations seeking support.

Best Psoriasis Blog for Mental Health: PsoHappy

PsoHappy is dedicated to exploring the impact psoriasis and other chronic conditions have on quality of life and happiness. PsoHappy does this with a view to raise awareness of how health inequalities can cause gaps in wellbeing, to address stigma, and to build a community of support for those living with these debilitating conditions.

The project is a joint initiative between the LEO Innovation Lab and The Happiness Research Institute. With it, people living with psoriasis can complete surveys regarding their happiness.

The results are presented in annual reports, shedding light on the mental wellbeing of thousands of people living with psoriasis and giving unique insights into their happiness.

Given the nature of the app, it is not surprising that mental health is also the focus of the blog.

In fact, the categories it is divided into are ‘Happiness,’ ‘Loneliness,’ ‘Mental Health,’ and ‘Self-Confidence.’

The blog is primarily a collection of posts written by those living with psoriasis. Some offer practical tips, others simply share their stories relating to the psychological side of living with psoriasis, and some give advice based on their own experiences.

The PsoHappy team also contribute posts, using insights from their survey results to offer unique content.

LEO also offers another app, Flaym, which is a social media platform and forum connecting people living with psoriasis.

For anyone seeking advice, information, and support regarding mental health, both the PsoHappy blog and Flaym community are excellent resources.

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Best Psoriasis Blog for Research: HelloSkin

HelloSkin is a British online retailer specializing in products for people with psoriasis and other conditions affecting the skin.

The company claims to examine and test every item sold and actively engages customers for feedback about the products.

The blog covers psoriasis, as well as eczema, acne, and dry skin.

The scientific approach taken to select the products sold on the website is mirrored in the way in which the blog is written.

Much of the content focuses on particular aspects of psoriasis – often treatment – and digs into the evidence and research behind them.

They also analyze the latest studies and explain their findings in simple, easy-to-understand language.

No matter what the topic, they approach it from a scientific perspective.

There is often input from medical professionals, including Dr. Laurentiu Gologan, who works for HelloSkin as a part time Dermatology specialist.

While the writers make every effort to make the content easy to understand, they always include direct links to the studies they quote, allowing anyone who wishes to gain a more in-depth understanding to do so.

It makes it a fantastic blog for keeping up with the latest research, as well as learning the science behind treatments and the underlying mechanisms of psoriasis.

Best Psoriasis Blog for Online Resources: NPF Blog

The National Psoriasis Foundation website is a wonderful resource for people living with psoriasis, and one with which most people reading this will be familiar.

If you haven’t yet discovered the blog, now is the time to do so.

You can browse every entry or by viewing posts with tags such as ‘My Story,’ ‘Wellness,’ and ‘Psuperheroes.’

The latter often celebrates individuals who have contributed to the psoriasis community, such as Sheri Decker, who helped shape the NPF over three decades.

The ‘My Story’ section is wonderfully diverse, featuring individuals from all walks of life, while the ‘Wellness’ category offers plenty of advice on physical and mental health.

The blog is completed with its ‘NPF Community’ and ‘Access to Care’ categories.

With such a variety of topics being written about by a wide range of authors, the NPF blog really is one of the very best online resources on the web for anyone living with psoriasis.

Best Psoriasis Blog for Psoriatic Arthritis: It’s Just a Bad Day

Julie Cerrone Croner is a unique entry on this list, given that she has never actually been diagnosed with psoriasis and has only once experienced mild psoriasis on her skin.

However, the knee surgery she underwent in fifth grade was the start of years of health issues that would finally result in a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis 17 years later. Along the way came a series of knee problems, severe stomach aches, migraines, depression, and a possible misdiagnosis of sciatica.

In 2013, she began writing her blog, It’s Just a Bad Day, Not a Bad Life, where you can read her extraordinary story in more detail.

She is now a keen advocate for all psoriatic disease, a writer on various websites, a public speaker, and an ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation.

Her website is a reflection of her life experience with psoriatic arthritis. From pregnancy to medication to mental health, there are few topics Julie hasn’t got covered in her vast archive.

Having psoriatic arthritis independently of psoriasis is not common, but between 20%-30% of people with psoriasis are estimated to develop the disease.

Julia’s wealth of experience, therefore, is hugely relevant to many people living with arthritis. Her writing is insightful and interesting, making it worth a read whether you live with psoriatic arthritis or not.

Best Psoriasis Blog for Advice: Smart Psoriasis Diet

John Redfern has lived with psoriasis since the age of 14. At 18, the shame of the disease made him quit playing his beloved Gaelic football, despite being on the verge of reaching the top level of the sport.

His difficulty in coming to terms with psoriasis continued into his adult years, and it wasn’t until his late 20s that John’s mindset really improved.

You can read his story in more detail here:

He now focuses on taming what he calls the “Psoriasis Trifecta” of diet, stress, and sun.

This is the foundation for his blog, Smart Psoriasis Diet.

As well as the dietary advice you would expect from a blog with such a name, John explores a host of products and their effectiveness in tackling the symptoms of psoriasis.

Whether discussing shampoos or natural remedies, John often gives a thorough run-down of the different options, the science behind their supposed benefits, and his own experiences.

If you are ever a little overwhelmed at the vast array of products and advice for treating psoriasis, John’s blog is a great one-stop-shop for simple, easy-to-understand information.

These are just a handful of the excellent blogs on the web for people living with psoriasis. The ever-growing online community is accessible and welcoming, making it a wonderful resource for anybody living with psoriasis.

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